Alice Reins Helps 11 Year Old Boy With One Hand

December 12 2014   Ι   Author: Comments Off on Alice Reins Helps 11 Year Old Boy With One Hand

Alice Reins Helps 11 Year Old Boy With One Hand

I received an email from a lovely lady called Amanda.  Amanda told me that she has an 11 year old son called Jack who had been riding for 2 years already.

Jack had done very well, using a wrist adaption where his reins, once knotted, sat in. He found it difficult to hold his reins in the conventional way because he didn’t have enough strength in his hand.

Like Alice, Jack had a toe to hand transfer so now has a functional thumb with his other fingers remaining rigid. Amanda had seen our article in Reach Magazine.  Reach is a wonderful charity organisation who help children with upper limb deficiencies of whom we all belong to.

Alice Reins Help A 11 Year Old Boy Who Has One Hand!Amanda showed the article to the instructor at the stables where Jack rides and they thought Alice Reins were a great idea. They asked how they attach to the horses bit as they would often leave reins on a horse for the next rider.  I explained that anyone could ride with Alice Reins and it would be fine to leave the reins on for the next person.

I was asked how Alice Reins would work and so asked Amanda to show Jack our Facebook page. It contains videos and photos of Alice doing various pony activities and Jack would have a good idea of how Alice rides with her reins.  This was really good for Jack as they are both similar.

Alice Reins Helps An 11 Year Old Boy With One Hand!

Like Alice, Jack didn’t like change but his Mum Amanda thought that Alice Reins would help his riding much more and give him more flexibility.

We decided between us that Jack would benefit with 3 loops on both reins, a 5/8″ width and pony length standard as Jack was riding a 14.2hh cob.  This is what Amanda had to say when Jack rode with his Alice Reins for the first time:

Hi Jacqui

They are great thanks so much.
Got the reins yesterday, Jack had his lesson today, did really well with them, we will take some pics next week and hopefully video !!!

Amanda and Jack xxx

We are over the moon that Alice Reins have helped this young man, could they help you or someone you know too?

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Key Features

  • Enables disabled riders of all ages and ability to be able to ride more efficiently, safely and with confidence.

  • Design can be adapted to meet individual specific requirements and needs.

  • Available in 3 widths and 4 lengths, shorter pony length, pony length, cob length and horse and in Black or Brown colours.

  • Invaluable for riders with lesser grip due to Arthritis, Stroke, Carpal Tunnel and generally weak arm muscles.

  • Can be used for all 3 disciplines and also on the hunting field.

  • Will attach to any bridle and are fully adjustable to fit any pony/horse.

  • Excellent teaching aid for all riders of all ages and ability encouraging correct feel of contact in walk, trot and canter.

  • Provides greater control for the strong pony/horse and extremely difficult for pony/horse to pull the reins through the riders' hands.

  • With your hands in the correct position, enables you to concentrate more easily on your position in the saddle.