British Dressage Recognises Alice Reins And Approves Able Bodied Dispensation!!

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British Dressage Recognises Alice Reins And Approves Able Bodied Dispensation!



British Dressage

British Dressage Recognises Alice Reins And Approves Able Bodied Dispensation!

We were very excited to hear the news that one of our Alice Reins riders who suffers with Arthritis  has had her  Dispensation Approved by British Dressage to use them in Able Bodied Competition!

Very many congratulations to Hayley, we are looking forward to seeing some pictures of her using her Alice Reins in British Dressage able bodied competition.

Hayley contacted us as she suffers from Arthritis and at that point we were not aware that her aim was to apply for dispensation to BD.  It wasn’t until Hayley received her reins and sent us an email expressing how much she loved them that she told us she was applying for dispensation.

Hello Jacqui

Thank you for the reins, I have enjoyed using them and they have been very useful to help with my problem.  I have also recommended them to my therapist so that she can suggest them to other riders.  I will take pictures or video for you when I have someone to hand to help.

The design is the best I have come across by far, they are better than those with a single loop as the rider can adjust rein length and they adjust well at the bottom so this does not interfere with the hands or rub the horses neck.

I am really pleased to have found a product that works and is made by someone who is passionate about it and wants it to work to help others.

I will keep you posted on my progress as I have put in for BD dispensation to be allowed to use these reins during competition so fingers crossed.

 Thank You

Hayley xx

Alice ReinsA short while later Hayley emailed us again telling us that her horse had sadly suffered a check ligament injury and her reins were not being used but the good news being that


Hayley expressed that this news is fantastic as British Dressage has recognised a need!

We were thrilled and so we thought we would ask Hayley if she wouldn’t mind telling us how she went about applying and she very kindly provided us with the following information……Thank you Hayley!


First you will need to contact the para officer at BD – Friederike Von.Voigts-Rhetz.  She will then send over the application form and a list of BD physiotherapists.

Second you will need to make an appointment with one of the listed physios to complete the grading process (there is a cost to this), you will also need a medical certificate to confirm your condition from your doctor (your doctor will also charge for this).

 Third the application, medical certificate and grading certificate then need to be sent to BD for the committee to decide whether they will give the dispensation.


Anyone that would like further information or has any queries with regard to Alice Reins and how they could help you please contact us HERE

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Alltech Have Written A Press Release For Alice Reins After Equine Hero Award Win!

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Alltech have written a press release for Alice Reins following Jacqui Edwards’ recent Equine Hero award win! This was sent to UK magazines….we are now awaiting the results!

Alltech Have Written A Press Release For Alice Reins - Alltech Logo

Press Release

Innovative Rein Design Makes Jacqui Edwards an Alltech Equine Hero

Jacqui Edwards of Stamford Lincolnshire is the latest winner of Alltech’s global search for equine heroes. The second winner in the past three months to come from the UK.

Voted for by fans from all over the world, of the Equine Hero facebook page, the UK is proving itself to be a country of true horse lovers.

Michele Gaskin nominated Jacqui Edwards as her Equine Hero. She describes Jacqui as an inspirational and dedicated mother to her daughter Alice.

Alice is passionate about horses and it has always been her dream to be able to ride a horse. Unfortunately this was difficult for Alice as she was born with only one functioning hand. Nonetheless Jacqui was determined to get her daughter riding the way she wanted to, and designed a type of rein which Alice would be able to use.

This special set of reins has helped Alice to achieve her dream of riding a pony and allowed her to go on to win lots of local pony events!

After seeing the success of her rein design, Jacqui decided that she wanted to help more people and set up a company called Alice Reins. Through this company she sells her special reins for those with lesser grip, such as people suffering from arthritis, those who have had a stroke or even people who have carpal tunnel or other similar ailments.

“Jacqui is an inspiration and has given much hope and happiness to others through her clever thinking of how to overcome the obstacles faced by those wishing to ride who have disabilities. This is why Jacqui Edwards is my Equine Hero!”  said Michele.

Jacqui had this to say of her nomination: “I was absolutely thrilled to be announced the winner of Alltech’s latest Equine Hero Award. I had no idea that I had been nominated and was only told when I had been selected into the final 3. I was overwhelmed and speechless!”

“My daughter Alice still uses her Alice Reins eight years on and could not ride the way she does without them. Since setting up the business – Alice Reins Ltd – 5 months ago, I have been amazed at the comments and testimonials received. I am so passionate about what I do and to see smiles on our riders’ faces is just priceless. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone that voted for me.”

If you know someone like Jacqui, that goes above and beyond to help and inspire others, nominate your equine hero at


For further information please contact Jacqueline Spouge at TSM on (01724) 784600.

A big thank you to Alltech for writing such a lovely Press Release.

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Key Features

  • Enables disabled riders of all ages and ability to be able to ride more efficiently, safely and with confidence.

  • Design can be adapted to meet individual specific requirements and needs.

  • Available in 3 widths and 4 lengths, shorter pony length, pony length, cob length and horse and in Black or Brown colours.

  • Invaluable for riders with lesser grip due to Arthritis, Stroke, Carpal Tunnel and generally weak arm muscles.

  • Can be used for all 3 disciplines and also on the hunting field.

  • Will attach to any bridle and are fully adjustable to fit any pony/horse.

  • Excellent teaching aid for all riders of all ages and ability encouraging correct feel of contact in walk, trot and canter.

  • Provides greater control for the strong pony/horse and extremely difficult for pony/horse to pull the reins through the riders' hands.

  • With your hands in the correct position, enables you to concentrate more easily on your position in the saddle.